EarthWorks Excavation Software

Christine Wargo, K & W Construction

We have been using Earthworks for 7 years and it has been a major asset to our business. It allows us to prepare an accurate estimate in a minimal amount of time.

John A. Bird, Marv McQueary Excavating, Inc.

“Having had the opportunity to use several other earthworks software programs over the years, EarthWorks by Trakware is, by far, the easiest to use and setup with minimal effort and obtain maximum results/reports for all cut and fill quantities.  It has proven to be extremely accurate on all of our subdivisions, industrial parks, roadways, building pads, etc.  We would highly recommend this software for use by others within the civil engineering disciplines.”

Name withheld

“One thing we use the most is the Cut and Fill Color sheet.  This gives us a really good idea where the cut and fill is located.  This feature will help you plan for means and methods.”

Matt Leipman-Senior Estimator, Linda Holding Corporation

We have been a user of this software for the past 4 years and have dialed in our bidding accuracy. The program is user friendly and virtually fool proof. We have been successful in the past proving conflicting measurements / drawings relating to changes in work which we normally would not have been paid for. The equipment has performed flawlessly and product support is also available and very helpful.

Kirk, Diamond D General Engineering

“The ease of use and results were the main factor in considering an earthwork program and when we looked into Earthworks we didn’t need to look any further, we love Earthworks. The technical assistance we’ve experienced is 2nd to none, this was a very pleasant surprise, it is really nice to be able to call a company and speak to a person and not a voice mail box, all the problems we’ve encountered were taken care of with ease. Thanks, Trakware”

Name withheld

“Earthworks is extremely user friendly. Anyone can learn the basics of this program in a couple of hours.”

John Phillips, RC Phillips Construction

“Easy to get running with this program.  I used to use a much more expensive product at my last company but it was too complicated to use.  I like EarthWorks simplicity. I also like it when the lady talks so I don’t have to look at the screen. I wish more software was like this.”

John, Clayburn Excavation

“Can’t believe that I used to take this stuff off by hand.  I get so much more work done now. EarthWorks is great because I can check my work right on the screen.  I can click anywhere and see the calculation results. When I first got it, I’d count trucks leaving to see how close EarthWorks was.  It was good to see it matched what I had figured with Earthworks.”

V. Crenchaw, A&M Construction

“It took me a while to get used to using software to figure my dirt.  My dad could look at a plan and figure it pretty close.  I learnt to do the same thing but with bigger jobs we can’t do that.  My dad still checks my work but having EarthWorks means we can do bigger jobs now.  The guys at Earthworks are real helpfull and they answer all my dumb questions.  Its good having somebody to call.  Keep up the good work. thanks.”