EarthWorks Excavation Software

TrenchWorks estimates your trench excavation and material quantities

Our TrenchWorks program allows you to estimate your trench excavation projects from your pipe profile drawings. Your takeoffs can be performed either with a digitizer or with the keyboard. All of your work appears on-screen as you complete your trench takeoff making it easy to verify your work.  Easy to read totals reports allow you to see both your overall totals as well as all of the information that went into creating your trench estimate.

Benefits of using TrenchWorks:

  • Flexible entry
  • Faster takeoffs
  • More accurate takeoffs
  • Verifiable results
  • Stored takeoffs can be recalled and viewed or edited later

Why Choose TrenchWorks?

TrenchWorks is easy to learn:

  • Helpful on-screen prompts guide you through the program
  • Detailed on-line help system is one-keystroke away
  • Comprehensive full-color manual
  • On-line training classes
  • Highly trained, knowledgeable, and very patient tech support is only a phone call away!

TrenchWorks is easy on your budget:

  • TrenchWorks is affordable
  • Training costs are low
  • Support is FREE for the first year!

TrenchWorks Features

TrenchWorks can work with:

  •  Water, wastewater or utility trenches
  • Single or multiple pipes in each trenches (up to 99 pipes per trench)
  • Manholes
  • Utility vaults
  • Borings
  • Rock layers
  • Drawings in Metric or English units
  • Multi-sheet drawings.

Enter your trench information using:

  • Digitizer
  • Keyboard

TrenchWorks calculates your:

  • Pipe quantities
  • Trench excavation quantities
  • Trench bedding and backfill material quantities
  • Native backfill quantities
  • Export volume
  • Disturbed surface area
  • Pipe quantities by depth band

View, verify and print your results on:

  • Comprehensive multi-page job totals reports
  • Trench profile views
  • Trench segment views
  • Manhole / vault views