EarthWorks Excavation Software

EarthWorks Excavation Software

Your Excavation Software Solution

Our EarthWorks software is powerful, easy-to-use and affordable excavation software.

EarthWorks is our premier excavation estimating program and focus of our work.  It is the culmination of over 30 years of careful development and input from users. Our goal is to produce excavation software with the perfect balance of power and usability.  The result is excavation software that requires minimal training and has high usability.  A deep feature set, and comprehensive verification tools.

Results of this effort shows in a single statistic. Even though we have several thousand users, we average fewer than three support calls a day.   Because we don’t make a profit on support, we’ll never have an incentive to make EarthWorks difficult or complicated to use.

So Why Choose EarthWorks Excavation Software?

EarthWorks is easy to use and Intuitive:

EarthWorks is easy to learn and simple:

Our software makes verifying your work and correcting errors easy:

  • Existing and Proposed elevations
  • Topsoil strip depth
  • Over-excavation depth
  • Topsoil strip/re-spread depth
  • Subgrade depth and elevation
  • Engineered fill depth
  • Cut or fill depth

EarthWorks excavation software is easy on your budget:

EarthWorks allows you to:

In a tough market, you need excavation software that gives YOU the clear advantage and keeps you on top.

EarthWorks Excavation Software allows you to do takeoffs up to 5X faster and easier. Using paper plans, PDFs or TIFF files, you can trace in your existing and proposed elevation information. You can also simply import it from your Vector PDF or CAD drawing. After the drawing information is entered, you can calculate your excavation quantities in seconds and get results.

Get Access to detailed Reports and Views…..

EarthWorks calculates your cut/fill, topsoil, over-excavation, engineered fill and building materials quantities for the site.

Once EarthWorks has calculated your take-off you can access many different views of the site and review the information. Such as a cut and fill view, 3D View and Subgrade Map to check your work. You can also make sure that the quantities that are generated are accurate and complete.

EarthWorks is as affordable to own as it is to buy. At Trakware, we work hard to keep your support and upgrade costs as low as possibleUpgrades are also more affordable than other software packages. They are not additive. So if you don’t upgrade for a couple of years you are not hit with a huge cost. When you do choose to upgrade or subscribe you pay the same low price no matter what.