EarthWorks Excavation Software

About Us

Trakware is a leader in the development of powerful, easy to use and affordable excavation estimating software since 1992.

Trakware was established in 1992 in Chicago, Illinois. 

In that same year, Trakware launched the first version of their flagship product, EarthWorks for DOS.  The DOS version of the EarthWorks software was groundbreaking in several ways.  It was the first affordable excavating program, costing many thousands of dollars less than it’s competition.  It was designed from the ground up to be user friendly.  And it spoke the user’s commands and elevation entries, freeing him or her from having to concentrate on their computer screen rather than their drawing.

Trakware relocated to Albuquerque, NM in 1997.

In that same year, Trakware released Earthworks for Windows.  That program continued their tradition of designing software with the user in mind.  The Windows version of the EarthWorks software was laid out identically to the DOS version, allowing users to transition seamlessly to the newer platform.

In 1998 Trakware released TrenchWorks.  TrenchWorks was another example of Trakware’s design philosophy of simplicity and ease-of-use.  Within that same year, two other similar competitive programs were released, only to both fail with the following two years because they were simply too complicated to operate.

In 1999 Trakware released SectionWorks. SectionWorks allows users to estimate road, rail or canal excavation projects from cross-section drawings.  Based on the TrenchWorks design, it was also a simple program to use.

And during those years, Trakware has continued to refine it’s product line.

Our Journey

In 2000, Trakware released the EarthWorks software as a 32-bit program in order to harness the power of Windows NT and 2000.

In 2003, Trakware released EarthWorks Pro.  The Pro version of the EarthWorks software allows estimators to bypass most or all of the tedious task of digitizing from paper drawings.  EarthWorks Pro reads drawing information directly from AutoCAD drawings.  This allows several hours of tedious digitizing to be reduced to minutes of importing from an AutoCAD file.

In 2005, Trakware released the newest version of EarthWorks and EarthWorks Pro with hours of built-in training videos.

In 2006, Trakware released it’s most important version of the EarthWorks software since the introduction of EarthWorks for Windows.  The newest version of EarthWorks, uses solid modeling techniques in it’s engine to give the most precise estimates yet.

in 2008, Trakware released it’s onscreen version of EarthWorks to work with PDFs and TIFFs. This gave our users the freedom to do their takeoffs anywhere, freeing them from their digitizers and their offices.

In 2012, Trakware released it’s Vector PDF takeoff version of the EarthWorks software. It allowed our users to skip all the tracing required for typical onscreen takeoffs by importing the vector linework directly from the PDF. That single feature reduced the takeoff time to 1/5th of the previous time and greatly increased accuacy.

We have continued to refine the EarthWorks excavation software through all these years with this single goal in mind. To provide the easiest-to-use  excavation takeoff software at a reasonable price.