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QuickMeasure is full-featured and easy-to-use takeoff software.

QuickMeasure is our award-winning takeoff program.  It enables you to perform your blueprint takeoffs quickly and easily.  And, most important, it allows you to verify that your takeoff is accurate and complete.

Integrates with Excel
One of the great advantages of using QuickMeasure is that it allows you to leverage your existing Excel spreadsheets. QuickMeasure integrates directly with Microsoft Excel.  This allows you to work with your familiar spreadsheets while you use QuickMeasure's add-in toolbar to perform your takeoffs directly from within Excel.  And best of all, your takeoffs are stored directly in your Excel spreadsheet

Use with your Favorite Estimating Software
QuickMeasure can send takeoff results automatically into ANY Windows Program.  This allows you to integrate QuickMeasure with your favorite estimating program such as Corecon, Timberline, QuickBooks, etc..  As you complete each measurement, the total is automatically sent directly to your estimating program.

Use as Stand-alone
QuickMeasure can be used as a stand-alone using it's full-function, built-in spreadsheet.  All of your takeoff information is stored in QuickMeasure files.

Benefits of using QuickMeasure:
Faster takeoffs
More accurate takeoffs
Verifiable results
Takeoffs can be stored directly in your Excel spreadsheet or in QuickMeasure
Stored takeoffs can be recalled and viewed or edited later
Takeoffs can be shared with your boss or colleagues with our FREE QuickMeasure Viewer

QuickMeasure is easy on your budget:
QuickMeasure is affordable
Leasing plans are available
Training costs are VERY low
Support is FREE for the first year.

QuickMeasure's features:
Measure counts, lengths, segments, and areas.
Add and subtract measurements.
View your takeoff on-screen.
Work in any US, metric or measured scale
Store your takeoff results in Excel, your favorite estimating program or directly in QuickMeasure.
Use the line and count styles feature to make your measurements easy to differentiate.
View one, selected or all of your measurements on-screen for an overview of your takeoff.
Convert your measurements using our built-in conversion calculator.
Measure pitched and hipped lengths and areas.
Save your takeoffs directly to Excel or QuickMeasure

Hardware requirements:
Any Windows computer running Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8
Digitizer tablet with a Wintab driver (GTCO digitizers recommended)
Color printer