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EarthWorks is powerful, easy-to-use and affordable excavation estimating software.

EarthWorks is our premier excavation estimating program.  It is the culmination of 22 years of careful development with the goal of producing earthwork software with the perfect balance of power and usability.  The result is earthwork software that requires minimal training, has high usability, a deep feature set, and comprehensive verification tools.

The result of this effort shows in a single statistic.  Even though we have several thousand users, we average fewer than three support calls a day.   And because we don't make a profit on support, we'll never have an incentive to make EarthWorks difficult or complicated to use.

Why Choose EarthWorks?

EarthWorks is easy to use:
User-friendly screen layout
Large icons for commonly used functions
Clear on-screen prompts guide you through each operation
Work with PDFs, TIFFs, AutoCAD 2000DWGs and paper plans.

EarthWorks is easy to learn:
6 1/2 hours of built-in ShowMe! videos provide in-depth information on ALL aspects of the software
Detailed on-line help system
Comprehensive full-color 222 page manual
7 weekly on-line training classes
Highly trained, knowledgeable, and very patient tech support is only a phone call away!

EarthWorks makes verifying your work and correcting errors easy:
VoiceVerification speaks your commands and elevation entries, making errors easy to catch "on-the-fly"
SmartMinMax automatically flags out-of-range elevations as they are entered
Our "Display only out-of-range elevations" option shows only those elevations that need correcting
Right-click editing allows you to change any information about any drawing object
Elevation and cut/fill color map views make it easy to catch even subtle mistakes
Color maps screens allow you to check ANY POINT in the drawing and see the EXACT value calculated for the:
       Existing elevation
       Topsoil strip depth
       Over-excavation depth
       Proposed elevation
       Topsoil respread depth
       Subgrade depth
       Subgrade elevation
       Engineered fill depth
       Cut or fill depth
       Work area

EarthWorks is easy on your budget:
EarthWorks is affordable
Leasing and rental plans are available
Self-guided training is free
Support is FREE for the first year and nominal after that
Affordable upgrades are included in the annual subscription

EarthWorks Features

EarthWorks can work with:
Contour lines
Point-to-point lines
Spot elevations
Building pads
Parking lot subgrades
Demolition areas
Topsoil strip and re-spread areas
Over-excavation under parking lots and building pads
Rock layers
Pipe trenches
Rough staking

EarthWorks calculates your:
Cut and fill
Topsoil stripping and re-spread
Over-excavation and engineered fill for your building pads and parking lots
Strata cuts including rock cut
Parking lot and building pad materials
Pipe trench excavation and materials
Rough staking
Sub-totals by area
Areas, lengths, segment lengths and counts

Enter site drawing information from:
Single sheet drawings
Overlaid drawings
Multi-sheet drawings with matchlines
AutoCAD tm  drawing (Pro version only)

View, verify and print your results on:
Comprehensive multi-page job totals reports
Existing elevations in plan view or 3D
Existing elevations after demolition in plan view or 3D
Over-excavated elevations view in plan view or 3D
Proposed elevations at Finished Floor and Top-of-asphalt in view or 3D
Proposed elevations at subgrade in plan view or 3D
Cut and fill volumes text and graphic reports
Cross-sections between any two points
Staking reports in text and graphic formats
Trench reports in text and graphic formats

Hardware requirements:
Any Windows computer running Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8
For paper plan takeoffs, a digitizer tablet with a Wintab driver (GTCO digitizers recommended)
Color printer